They’re not ready to buy/sell if…



.This has been a tough year for real estate agents.  If you are looking for seller leads, you are frustrated because not a lot of people want to sell, and if you are helping buyers, you are frustrated because you can’t find what they want due to low inventories.

Recently I read an article about a seller refusing to move out after closing and wondered why the sales agent did not see the signs. Here are some encumbrances in our real estate journey that seem to be popping up.  Feel free to add to the list in comments.

Your sellers may not be ready to sell if….

  • Spouses are fighting over new condo or house.
  • Spouses are arguing over lake view or large property.
  • Spouses are yelling at each other.
  • In-laws have no plans to move out.
  • Adult children have no plans to move out.
  • They refuse to declutter/cut lawn.
  • They keep changing the month/season/year they want to sell.
  • They are waiting for home values to go up.
  • Expect an unreasonably high price.
  • Seller refuses showings….all of the time.
  • They just can’t leave that big tree in the back yard.
  • Sellers don’t have a plan where they want to move.

Your buyers may not be ready to commit if….

  • You have sent them hundreds of houses from the MLS but they haven’t wanted to tour any of them.
  • They won’t get prequalified.
  • They want 10 acres with a house near town under $200k.
  • They have lived in the same apartment for 20 years.
  • If the school year just started.
  • It’s raining too much to tour homes.
  • They remodeled the kitchen and are enjoying it too much.
  • Repeatedly changes his mind about what he wants.
  • City, suburbs or country?.
  • Every house is awesome. Let’s see some more!


Ruth Berklich is a Realtor for Keller Williams Rochester – Troy, MI

She can be reached at


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